Adopting a Pet

When considering adopting a pet, try checking with groups like for dogs and cats from shelters and animal rescues, your local shelter, or your local animal shelter. Why a shelter and not a pet shop? Some pet shops don’t know much about where the puppies or kittens come from. Some breeders may or may not give the pet shop all of the information. Then there are the puppy mills (not all) that just look for money and may sell animals to pet shops. A pet from the shelters or rescues have had their shots, and are usually neutered or spayed when you pick up the animal.

If you adopt a mixed breed dog, they usually have fewer problems like purebreds do; like the German Shepard with possible hip dysplasia. A mix may not be as prone to this condition. Other purebreds are subject to other conditions considered Genetic disorders in dog breeds.

When looking to adopt a pet, be sure to visit breeders (if a pure bred is what you want) and ask questions about the animals. When visiting a shelter, ask questions of the workers about the temperament of the animal you’re considering. Do your homework and make sure that you choose the right pet for your environment and schedule. Do you have small children? Do you have other pets? Is this your first pet? Why do you want to adopt a pet? These are some of the questions that need to be answered.

To bring a pet home and put it out in a fenced yard and no socialization or interaction with family members is not what a pet is for. Pets need socialization, exercise, discipline, and love. Disciplining a pet doesn’t mean yelling, hitting, or throwing things at the pet; that is cruelty. The dynamics of a pet and family is like that of a normal family member. By that, means the relationship between pet and family is for life. A pet shouldn’t be something you discard when you are tired of it. If this might happen, you should not adopt a pet. A pet is an unassuming, loving companion and should be treated as such. Parents should teach their children this fact.

Many children want a pet, then the parents end up taking care of the pet because the novelty wears off in time and the child moves on and forgets about the pet. Children can learn a lot from taking care of, and interacting with a dog or cat.

Some children want an exotic pet, such as lizards, snakes, or something different than the normal dog or cat. If parents consider getting such a pet, the child should be required to learn about the diet, living conditions, and everything they can about the exotic pet so they will know how to care for their pet.

There is much for parents to consider when getting a pet for their child. The child should be taught what having a pet means in time and actions. Parents should not be the one to take care of the pets because their child tires of it.

Bringing a pet into the home can teach a child about life, and instill a sense of responsibility when they are required to care for, interact with, and socialize the pet to the all family.

Enjoy your new family member.


One thought on “Adopting a Pet

  1. I tend to completely disagree with what you said although I don’t follow the subject very well. You might have a much better grasp than I.

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