Naming Your Pet

How to choose a name for your newly adopted pet, there are many ways of coming up with a name for your pet.

First, what type of animals is the pet? Is it a dog, cat, bird or something else? Let’s say your new pet is a dog. You could do a search for dog names and find a site like “I love dogs” and click on dog names, you might also look at the dogs personality and come up with a fitting name. Take a miniature-pincher that bounces around and almost prances (definition: Spring forward on the hind legs) when he walks, Prancer might be a good name. It all depends on the animal.

For cats you can do the same and come up with a site like “Pussy Cats” and click on cat names for the most popular cat names or for suggestions.

Naming a pet might be a family choice or it might be by the person who is going to take care of the animal. I have always used the personality method for the animals I have adopted except one cat that already had a name, and the name seem to fit him well so I kept it.

If you are young and want to ask you parents to do a search for pet names for you, just ask them to search names of the type of animal you are adopting. For bird names, you could visit “Van’s of LA” for a list of bird names by first the first letter. And for exotic pets, their name should be exotic also. You wouldn’t name a ferret Rex, would you? If the pet is trainable, you might want to think of a name that sets your pet apart from other pets. Think of a good name that matches your pet.

Look at a book of names, go through the phone book, a name of a character in a book you like.The list of places is limitless for finding the right name for your pet.

Overall, enjoy your pet and take care of pet.


2 thoughts on “Naming Your Pet

  1. Our pup’s name is Daisy. She’s three now and part of the family. it was my little one who named her because it was early summer and decided to name her Daisy. She loves her name. How do I know? whenever we say, “Daisy, do you want food?” I swear there’s a smile on her lips. Now, could that be because of her name or the mention of food? GRIN

  2. What a good post. I actually adore reading these sorts or content articles. I can?t wait to see what others need to say.

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