Winterizing Your Pet

Many conditions need resolving for your pet in winter.

First, some breeds of dogs do not handle cold as well as others. For example, a Miniature-Pincher with a short coat cannot handle cold weather like the dogs used in sled dog races. Even they have hay, to lay down on when there is a rest period. Animals are not meant for winter weather, some breeds may do better than other breeds; but they still need fresh water, warmth, and food just as they do all year long.

You need to make sure they have water to drink. Check their water to make sure it isn’t frozen.If you exercise your pet, be careful of the deicing agents, they can harm your dogs pads. If it is cold and snowy, plus icy outside, consider cutting back on the exercise time. Watch your bet for anything unusual. When you get home, clean your pet’s feet and check the pads for snow or even ice between the toes.

Second is the warmth of your pet. If you take your pet out for exercise, consider boots and a coat. Pets need to keep warm. If your see your pet shivering, consider taking them back home. This is especially true for puppies, and older dogs.

The older pet may have arthritis, the cold weather make your pet feel badly and have trouble moving. Never give your pet any over the counter human medicines. Tylenol can kill a cat. Always speak with your veterinarian before you give any medicines to your pet.Human medicines are not meant for animals.

In all types of weather, your pet needs to have shelter, both from heat and cold, adequate food, and water. In winter, you have to make sure your pet has shelter from the cold. Some place out of the elements where they can keep warm and off the ground which could be frozen.

Take extra precautions in winter if you have a puppy, kitten, or an older animal. They may suffer from arthritis, which can be aggravated from the cold, of if they have ever broken a bone, which can cause arthritis where the bones have healed. You need to watch for this, and make sure you pet is warm which will help alleviate some of the pain. Again, never medicate your pet with human medicines; they are not good for animals. Some can even kill.

If you have a space in your garage, or somewhere where you store things like antifreeze, or other chemicals, never leave them where your pet can get to them. Especially if you keep, or you make a spot for your pet in the garage, or for your pet to go in and out of the garage in summer of winter to get out of the elements.


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