14 Top Human foods toxic to dogs and cats

As families spend time together for the holidays, we must remember to be careful of our pets and what they can get in to.

14 Top human foods toxic to animals:


Coffee Grinds, Beans, and Tea



Fatty Foods



Macadamia Nuts and other nuts



Sugary Foods


The Pits and Rinds of Fruits

Yeast Dough

Be sure that such foods are placed where animals cannot get to them. It is amazing what animals can get into when we are not looking.

Decorations on packages, tables, and trees can also be dangerous to pets. Cats like to climb Christmas trees so glass ornaments should be avoided. Things like tinsel, plastic bags and items with small parts should also be avoided or make sure that animals cannot get to them without human supervision.

Enjoy the holidays with your pets and think about their safety.


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