Are you diabetic?

Are you diabetic? Did you know that dogs and cats can be diabetic?

There are treatments for both humans and animals. There are medications or you will have to use insulin if certain medications don’t work. For dogs and cats you will have to follow the instructions from your vet, for humans you need to follow your doctor’s instructions.

By keeping blood sugar readings as well controlled as possible both humans and animals can live a long healthy life.

Some people are able to control their blood sugars by diet and exercise. Your vet may give you instructions about diet and exercise for your pet, and to possibly work to help the pet lose some weight if necessary.

In humans that develop Type 2 diabetes, losing weight, exercising, eating the right foods and monitoring your blood sugar are ways to put off or eliminate the possibility of complications of diabetes. You may be asked by your vet to monitor the blood sugar of your dog or cat that has diabetes.

Diabetes is not the death sentence it used to be before the advent of insulin and oral medications that can help control diabetes. It is just something that you do on a daily basis which doesn’t take much time, just a little thought about eating and exercise.

The right diet and exercise can do much for optimum health even if you don’t have diabetes. Even dogs and cats need regular exercise to remain healthy and at the proper weight.

Some breeds of dogs need more exercise than other breeds. When selecting a breed of dog, think about whether they need a large yard or a smaller yard. Cats and dogs should get daily stimulation and exercise to keep them healthy just like people do.

With care, both people and animals can live with diabetes or possibly reverse the disease with monitoring diet and exercise to maintain a normal weight.


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