Pet Allergies

Did you know that pets are subject to allergies just like humans?

Pets can have dietary allergies, skin allergies, atopy, and flea allergies. Some allergies are hard to diagnose at home and will require the services of a veterinarian.

At a pet owner, you must watch out for any changes in your pet. It could be itching, patchy skin, hot spots, or inability to hold down food, or anything out of the normal as far as your pet is concerned.

Once you begin feeding your pet a certain brand of food, try to maintain the same food. Changing foods is not good for pets. Some people like to prepare the meals for pets. Before choosing this option, read up on the nutritional requirements of the specific pet. Cats and dogs require different nutrients. Choose a food that meets these requirements for a healthy pet.

Pets may also be allergic to shampoos and other coat products. Read the labels on all products before purchasing them and using them on your pet. If you can’t pronounce something in it, question if you should be buying it.

Fleas are around all year and your pets need protection against them. Pets can develop anemia due to fleas, which may require a blood transfusion. Blood transfusions can be hard on pets. There are no blood matching like there is for humans.

To lessen the likelihood of allergies, keep an eye on your pets, keep their environment clean, and check your pet for signs of fleas and eradicating them.


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