Do Your Parents Read to You?

When you were a small child, or are too small to read for yourself, do your parents read to you?

Reading is a great pastime that should be pursued anytime you have free time. Reading books whether physical or electronic can take you on journeys into the unknown; learn about places, people, things, and even things that could be in our future.

Reading will also help you build a vocabulary; learn spelling, and even writing better.

Books are our past and our future. Reading can also be our teachers of many new and wonderful ideas.

Reading helps build character and a sense of one’s self and their relation to the world at large.

Reading helps with learning and asking questions. Learning should be a lifelong pursuit. It is fun learning new things.

Learning new things is why there is homework to do from school. Learning makes you a more rounded person than just playing video games or spending time on chat sites.

Reading books helps with being creative in other parts of your life and helping in the way you approach problems.

Sit down and read a book.

Robert Medak

Freelance writer/editor/blogger/reviewer

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