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Cover of "Writing Skills (Essential Manag...
Cover of Writing Skills (Essential Managers)

With school in session, it is time to write reports, stories, and more. This is a good opportunity to gain experience in writing and to develop your writing style.

After moving from Kansas to West Virginia and taking about five weeks to get Internet access at home again, I am finally able to work on my blogs and work on my writing online again. It’s hard trying to work online from the local library. I have to drive to the library and am only able to work during certain hours while trying to unpack and organize my work area.

Everyone should work at improving their communication skills. Written communication is something that should be part of improving communication. Writing well for clear understanding is a much-needed skill.

There is a good deal to learn about written communication. I am writing a series of articles entitled Writing is Easy on my blog RJMedak at WordPress.Com. Please visit and look at Part 1 through Part 3. Part 4 will cover Tone and in the process of being written.

If only writing well were as easy as many people think. As Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “Easy reading is (darn) hard writing.” This statement is true. It does take hard work to get the words and your thoughts across for the reader to get your meaning without having to figure it out.

You should always practice your writing every chance you get from notes to letters and everything in between.

School is once chance to practice your writing skills and work at improving with every piece of writing you do from reports to letters to friends and family.

As you practice the written form of communication, you are well on your way to being a good communication after you graduate from school and join the work force or run your own business.

You should also practice your writing skills as you connect with friends by sending them e-mails and on places like Facebook or other sites you and your friend frequent.

Ask your parents to take you to the library so you can check out books on the subject of writing.

Robert J Medak

Freelance Writer/Editor/Reviewer

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