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Do Animals Have Feelings?

This is a question that many people have an opinion about.

Having lived with dogs and cats for over half a century, they do have feelings. If you have been around animals and cared for them, you can’t help but notice they can feel when you are sad or happy that they have an empathetic reaction to their human.

Have you seen a dog or cat take care of their litter? Is it nature or are they imparting nurturing their babies.

I have seen instances, where animals stay with a friend, is hurt or killed and will not leave them.

I have seen instances where animal pairs bond so closely that they will whine if separated and will quit when reunited. Is that feelings or pack mentality.

I had an English Setter that would show emotion when I would. The worst thing I could do as far as letting her know I was upset with her was to ignore her. When I did she would lower her head and move to a spot and curl into a ball until I would talk to her.

I think that shows a level of emotion and feelings.

Most people that have animals in their homes feel they are family members, not just a pet that you can ignore or take to a shelter when you get tired of it.

I know people that have spent thousands of dollars on their animals at veterinarians for the treatment of cancer, joint problems, back problems, and more just they would for a loved one.

I have a friend that has a terrier that is a certified emotional support dog that will automatically migrate to a person that is not feeling well like a person who recently had a stroke and is rehabilitating with a physical therapist and nurses coming into the home as part of taking care of the stroke patient. The terrier comes down to see what is going on. He is the companion to a friend of the stroke patient. Is this feeling for the patient? What about the person that needs emotional support?

It is hard to believe that animals don’t have feelings when you see it daily as humans help animals and see animals move to humans for help when they are in a difficult situation.

I choose to believe that all animals have feelings because I have witnessed signs of it over many years.


What do you think?


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Create a Better World – Create Great Minds!

Create Great Minds is a non-profit literacy organization I recently found out about and am willing to promote them on this blog since this blog is about children and animals.

I am a staunch supporter of people reading and writing. I write about freelance writing and writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and all other types of writing. I also answer questions about writing.

I would like everyone to check out Create Great Minds and to get involved and volunteer in your community in a literacy program.

Children are our future. They are the new authors, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and idea people that will run nations. How will they succeed if they are unable to read? Reading is only a part of it; they must also be able to write their thoughts so others are able to understand them.

As a freelance writer/reviewer I highly recommend Create Great Minds as a fabulous website for everyone.

Save Money with a Do-it-Yourself Wooden Rocking Horse Kit

With a Do-it-Yourself Wooden Rocking Horse kit, you can have that rocking horse for your child or grandchild and save some money over buying one, and customizing it for the child.

First, you will need the following tools for one kit that found online by doing a simple search:

  • Electric Drill
  • 5/32 drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Phillips screwdriver bit
  • Staple gun (arrow GT21 Style)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

After following the PDF, or hard copy assembly instructions, you can put the kit together saving some money over purchasing one already built, painted, or stained. When you purchase an unfinished kit, you can paint it or stain it the way you wish, personalizing it for your child or grandchild. Imagine the gleam in the child’s eyes when they see their new Wooden Rocking Horse, and your pride, knowing that you were able to give something of yourself by building and finishing this special project for the child in your life. There isn’t a greater feeling; the rocking horse is appreciated more by the child, and possibly kept to pass down, or kept as a special memento to remind the family of the builder, and holding a special place in their life for years to come saying, “Dad or granddad built this for me when I was your age.” There is something special in this simple statement.

You can always just go to a store and purchase one, but think of the pride you will feel by building a wooden rocking horse for your child or grandchild, and the special look in their eyes when you give it to them. This will create a special bond between the builder and the recipient for many years.

You can build the wooden rocking horse with the help of the child. Imagine the bonding with the child as they help by handing the builder parts as the rocking horse is painted or stained, then assembled together. Nothing compares to the feeling of bonding with a child, and the stories the child will tell to friends and family about building the rocking horse with you. The rocking horse will hold a special place in the heart of the child as they grow to an adult because of the special time spent assembling this project with you.

By shopping around, purchasing unfinished furniture or wood projects, it is possible to save money on your next project. Doing a bit of homework can save you more money than you might think. A few hours of time to save money, sounds like a good proposition to many people.

Word Trippers: The Ultimate Source for Choosing the Perfect Word When It Really Matters

By Barbara McNichol

As Mark Twain said, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

That’s why choosing the exact right word is important. For example, do you know when to use “affect” versus “effect” in your writing? Or “further” versus “farther”? Or “famous” versus “notorious”?

If you’re not sure, Word Trippers is the perfect reference ebook for you. This ebook contains 49 pages of 300+ pairings of words in alphabetical order and searchable on your computer, so they’re easy to find. Each word pairing is explained, then used in sentences to easily show how each is properly used, like this:

Affect, effect – “Affect” is a verb meaning to change or influence. “Your quick action affects (influences) the outcome.” “Affect” is also a noun to mean feeling, emotion, or emotional response. “During his grief process, my client displayed an uncharacteristically flat affect.” “Effect” is a verb meaning to bring about, to cause. “You can effect (bring about) a change easily.” “Effect” is also a noun meaning result or outcome. “The story has a desired effect.”

Whether you’re writing for business or crafting the next great American novel, this Word Trippers ebook will lead you to choosing the correct word when it really matters. It’s been created by expert nonfiction editor Barbara McNichol.

This reviewer highly recommends Word Trippers as an excellent reference tool, and gives it a four-star rating.

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Do Dream of Being an Entrepreneur.

If you dream of being an entrepreneur some day. There is a DVD that you should view.

Work Your Way Up

A film by Patrick Sargent

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? This film will teach you a good deal, about what it takes to run a business and the type of person that it takes to be an entrepreneur. Are entrepreneurs born or made? This film may answer that question for you.

Being captivated by a movie, is not something that usually happens, as a reviewer. This film was informative, enlightening, and engaging. For anyone wishing to be an entrepreneur, this movie is a must see. There is much that you should hear from people that have been there in the real world, with real world experiences as well as instructors in academia.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, do yourself a favor and find a copy of this DVD.