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How to socialize a puppy

All animals that come into your house need socialization for their emotional well-being, and for being part of the family, especially if there are other animals in the house.

One reason for socializing any animal you are considering adding to your family is to build trust between the animal and the family, also establishing an authority chain order.

Another part of socializing is training your puppy in the basic obedience commands.

  1. Sit
  2. Stay
  3. Come
  4. Heel
  5. Down
  6. Leave it
  7. No
  8. Off

Dogs need exercise, and leash training. Walks using leashes in your yard is one of the best ways to leash train a dog because they are comfortable in their own space.

If you have other dogs in the home, walking them on a leash with the new dog or puppy is a good way for the new dog to learn from the trained dog in the home how to behave on a leash, they should never pull hard on the leash.

Train your dog(s) never to leave a vehicle until you have their leash in your hand and ask them to come. This will stop them from jumping out and running around instead of being under your control.

If you already have a dog obedience trained, the new dog will pick up the habits of the dog already obedience trained dog in the home. If there is not a dog in the home, practice patience, never yell or strike the dog, instead, use positive reinforcement with praise for a command performed correctly.

Socializing a dog also includes playing with the dog, and not forgetting to play with the dog in the home, and watching how multiple dogs play together. See how multiple dogs react during feeding time, as some dogs may be food aggressive. If a dog is food aggressive, try separating them and see if that fixes the problem.

Dogs need sufficient cool water and shade on hot days, and their area cleaned regularly.

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Picking up Stray Animals

Should you pick up stray animals?

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The question is, can your family afford to take care of the stray while you search for a possible owner. It would be nice if the animal had a chip, or had a collar with the information needed to get the stray back to an owner.

If there is no chip or any information about the stray, making flyers about where you found the animal and placing them near the spot, so if there is an owner, they can contact you about the animal and you can return it to them.

If no one calls about the animal, you must make the choice to keep the animal and take care of it if you can, or to call your local animal control to come and pick up the animal. This choice must be a family decision, if you choose to keep the stray, than it is up to you to care for that animal.

Taking care of a stray means taking the animal to a vet for a health check, shots, medication, or anything the stray may need after the vet gives it a .

If the stray is healthy, it is up to you to care for the animal if it needs food, water, playtime, exercise, a place to sleep, maybe even a fenced yard. It all depends on the stray.

You don’t want more animals than the regulations allow for where you live, but if you do decide to keep the animal because you can’t find an owner, remember that there is a lot to do when you’re caring for any animal.

You also want to introduce the new pet slowly to make sure that it gets along with any other pets in the house. Do this by letting them meet outside somewhere away from the backyard, or any place that the pet you have feels is theirs.

Watch for any signs that the new animal and any you may have are comfortable with each other, which may take a few days.

Enjoy pets because they will teach you many things.

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Holistic Pet health Care

Do you know what “holistic” means?

One dictionary states Holistic means:

“Emphasizing the organic or functional relation between parts and the whole”

This means a natural approach as opposed to the use of compounds found in medicines that a veterinarian my use to treat a pet.

A holistic doctor or vet takes special training so they can use this holistic approach to treating either humans or animals.

Many people wonder if all of the medicines created by pharmaceutical companies are good for pets or people, what if any are the side effects, and more.

Aspirin originally came from plants. It is a compound found in the willow, which alleviates pain.

For centuries, the eastern medicine has been treating ailments with compounds other than the chemicals western medicine uses.

There is no way to tell if one way is better than another is.

It’s known that some antibiotics are not as effective as they were due to overuse; could this happen with other medicines as well?

There is no way to tell if other drugs may become ineffective over time.

This is why a holistic approach, to pet health care might be an alternative, for those who are concerned.

Each of you needs to make your own decision about whether or not to find a holistic doctor or vet for the family members, both human and animal.

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