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Unicorns do exist

Many people don’t believe in Unicorns and think they are only in fantasy stories.

There is an animal called the Unicorn of the sea; this animal is the Narwhal, or Narwhale is a small arctic whale with a single ivory spiral tusk protruding from what looks like its head.

Could it be that the Narwhal is a Unicorn from the past, and made its ways into the water as a way of saving itself from becoming extinct? Is there anyone who studied Narwhals to find out?

Writers had to come up with the ideas for their stories from something they’ve seen or heard about. Writers in the past were friends of scientists, or would talk with scientists, to get information about the Science Fiction stories they wrote, in some cases, writers were scientists.

Has anyone ever delved into folklore and found that Unicorns are mythical only? There is no study found on the internet that says anyone has.

Do some research on the Narwhal and see what you can find. Start at the library to see what you can find, then come home and do an internet search for mammals, specifically the Narwhal to see what you can find.

Maybe you can write a paper about the Narwhal for school. Maybe you can write a story about Narwhals.

It’s fun learning new things about animals the inhabit the earth we all live on and see what we can find out about them.

Robert Medak