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Hot Car Deaths

This year many children and dogs have died because of excessive heat in vehicles.

To avoid hot car deaths remind your parents to leave dogs at home when it is warm, and not to leave small children in the car either.

The inside of cars can get hot enough for dogs and small children to die if left alone for any length on time in the sun.

If you must take a pet in the car on warm days, never leave them in the car alone.

While shopping or running a quick errand when it is warm, do not leave children in the car, as many have only to find their child dead, or in serious condition.

Children and pets cannot handle the heat in cars. There have been adults running tests by sitting in a car to measure the temperature. Cars can get over twenty degrees inside the car than the temperature outside the car.

Dogs need cool water, shade, and a place to rest when it is warm. If it is too warm for you to play outside, it is too warm for your dog.

Leave your dog at home when it is warm with plenty of water and shade. If children must go with parents, the parents must be sure not to leave the child in the car.

Try asking a neighbor or friend to watch the child, put something like your cell phone by the child to remind you to take the child with you, not leave them in the car where it could get hot.

Use parking structures, shade, or somewhere out of the direct sun; so the inside of the car will be cooler when you return to it.

The darker the color of the car the more heat it will collect.

Always watch out for your children and pets because they depend on you to keep them safe.

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Holistic Pet health Care

Do you know what “holistic” means?

One dictionary states Holistic means:

“Emphasizing the organic or functional relation between parts and the whole”

This means a natural approach as opposed to the use of compounds found in medicines that a veterinarian my use to treat a pet.

A holistic doctor or vet takes special training so they can use this holistic approach to treating either humans or animals.

Many people wonder if all of the medicines created by pharmaceutical companies are good for pets or people, what if any are the side effects, and more.

Aspirin originally came from plants. It is a compound found in the willow, which alleviates pain.

For centuries, the eastern medicine has been treating ailments with compounds other than the chemicals western medicine uses.

There is no way to tell if one way is better than another is.

It’s known that some antibiotics are not as effective as they were due to overuse; could this happen with other medicines as well?

There is no way to tell if other drugs may become ineffective over time.

This is why a holistic approach, to pet health care might be an alternative, for those who are concerned.

Each of you needs to make your own decision about whether or not to find a holistic doctor or vet for the family members, both human and animal.

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14 Top Human foods toxic to dogs and cats

As families spend time together for the holidays, we must remember to be careful of our pets and what they can get in to.

14 Top human foods toxic to animals:


Coffee Grinds, Beans, and Tea



Fatty Foods



Macadamia Nuts and other nuts



Sugary Foods


The Pits and Rinds of Fruits

Yeast Dough

Be sure that such foods are placed where animals cannot get to them. It is amazing what animals can get into when we are not looking.

Decorations on packages, tables, and trees can also be dangerous to pets. Cats like to climb Christmas trees so glass ornaments should be avoided. Things like tinsel, plastic bags and items with small parts should also be avoided or make sure that animals cannot get to them without human supervision.

Enjoy the holidays with your pets and think about their safety.