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Christmas Time

English: Golden retriever fetching a tennis ba...
English: Golden retriever fetching a tennis ball from the ocean. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas is approaching, and many children are requesting a pet for Christmas.

If you receive a pet for Christmas, remember that a pet is not like a toy you get tired of and ignore; a pet is a part of your family for life and is a living creature that needs to be taken care of.

If you want a pet for Christmas, you should also be willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of your pet, and any other animals in your home. Never ignore your pets just because you get tired of them because the novelty wears off.

Dogs and cats can live for 15 to 20 years old, unfortunately the larger the dog the shorter the life span, some breeds as low as 10 years.

When you have a pet, you are responsible for the pet’s food, water, health, training, and emotional stimulus. Pets need someone to clean their living space, have toys to play with, someone to watch out for foods that can harm them, like plants, cleaning products, and other home hazards, and kept safe from other animals. Fish that a cat can reach is not a safe environment for your fish.

Once while getting licenses for my pets, a father, and his young son came to the pound saying they didn’t want their dog anymore. The dog was a young golden retriever, if no one adopted that dog, it could end up put to sleep.

Before you ask for a pet for Christmas, think about the fact you need to care for that pet for its lifetime.


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Facts About Cats and Dogs

Is your dog or cat left-handed?

Just like humans, cats and dogs can be either left or right-handed. Did you know that?

Not many people do.

This could be a chance for you to learn more about your pet. Take a toy and see which paw they use to play with it. Do they use one paw more than the other?

As you interact with your pet, you will be building a greater bond and learning more about the animal family member in the process.

Pets are also like humans in other ways besides preferring one hand over the other. Pets need stimulation to be healthy emotionally. They also need exercise for healthy muscles. Good food and water is only a small portion of what everyone needs, including your furry family members.

We all need exercise, proper rest, good food, and water to keep our bodies healthy for a longer life; your pets need the same.

Part of being a responsible pet owner is to insure they get everything they need from food to exercise and emotional stimulation.

At least once a day, weather permitting, your pet should get fresh air, exercise, and dogs should go for walks. Just as humans do, animals should not just sit on the couch and do nothing.

For optimum health and long life, humans and animals need many of the same things. While we are different in some ways, in many ways humans and animals are alike.

Love your pet as you do the rest of your family.

Robert Medak

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