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Summer Break

I hereby confess: i'm a bookaholic

Summer break is on the horizon. Do you have vacation plans?

No matter what kind of vacation plans you and your family have, are you planning to do any reading? You should think about taking a book with you if you and your family go on a trip somewhere. Your parents could even buy you a book when you reach your vacation destination.

Why read? You can’t visit places twenty-four hours a day. You could take some time to read before going to sleep.

Reading books helps prepare you for school. Reading helps you with spelling, reading, and comprehension for your classes in school. Your parents should help you with this.

When I was younger, I would read any book I could get my hands on. Today I write reviews about books I read, and have fun doing it. I get to read all kinds of newly published books free, and afterwards with the authors’ permission donate them to my local library. How much fun is that? My local library doesn’t have to pay for books that people can borrow.

There are different types of books such as business, fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, autobiographies, and memoirs. I have even written reviews of books for children.

You might not believe it now, but reading helps to build personal character, vocabulary, and knowledge of many subjects.

Are you interested in something specific? Why not find a book about what you are interested in and learn more about it. Many different subjects have books written about it. Reading can help with everything from animals to zoology.

I hope that your parents encourage you to read.

Robert Medak

Freelance writer/Editor/Reviewer

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