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Future Plans

Reading is like taking a magic carpet ride to other lands and times.”

Many children change what they want to be, as they grow older. Some choose a fireman, police officer when they are young, this may change with age.

The point of all of this is the fact that there requirements and training for most jobs.

Some jobs require education past high school, and some may require advanced degrees. There is also a learning curve once you lad a job.

You be might reading textbooks, training manuals, job handbooks, and maybe even a management handbook that are related to your position in a company.

As a reader for over 60-years, there are more books than can be read in one lifetime on almost as many subjects.

If you are open to learning new things, pick a subject and look for books on the subjects that appeal to you, also check out ones that you may not like but would like to learn about that has nothing to do with your interests.

As you grow up, reader is the best teacher, if you want to be a writer.

If you choose to be a writer, please have a second source of income, because making a living as a writer is very difficult at best. There are more than 200,000 books written per year.

As soon as you start working, even a part-time job, think to the future when you are older and approaching retirement. You must have a nest egg to rely on for you to live on. Rely on yourself, not other people or the government.

Hold on to your dreams, but live in reality.


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Save Money with a Do-it-Yourself Wooden Rocking Horse Kit

With a Do-it-Yourself Wooden Rocking Horse kit, you can have that rocking horse for your child or grandchild and save some money over buying one, and customizing it for the child.

First, you will need the following tools for one kit that found online by doing a simple search:

  • Electric Drill
  • 5/32 drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Phillips screwdriver bit
  • Staple gun (arrow GT21 Style)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

After following the PDF, or hard copy assembly instructions, you can put the kit together saving some money over purchasing one already built, painted, or stained. When you purchase an unfinished kit, you can paint it or stain it the way you wish, personalizing it for your child or grandchild. Imagine the gleam in the child’s eyes when they see their new Wooden Rocking Horse, and your pride, knowing that you were able to give something of yourself by building and finishing this special project for the child in your life. There isn’t a greater feeling; the rocking horse is appreciated more by the child, and possibly kept to pass down, or kept as a special memento to remind the family of the builder, and holding a special place in their life for years to come saying, “Dad or granddad built this for me when I was your age.” There is something special in this simple statement.

You can always just go to a store and purchase one, but think of the pride you will feel by building a wooden rocking horse for your child or grandchild, and the special look in their eyes when you give it to them. This will create a special bond between the builder and the recipient for many years.

You can build the wooden rocking horse with the help of the child. Imagine the bonding with the child as they help by handing the builder parts as the rocking horse is painted or stained, then assembled together. Nothing compares to the feeling of bonding with a child, and the stories the child will tell to friends and family about building the rocking horse with you. The rocking horse will hold a special place in the heart of the child as they grow to an adult because of the special time spent assembling this project with you.

By shopping around, purchasing unfinished furniture or wood projects, it is possible to save money on your next project. Doing a bit of homework can save you more money than you might think. A few hours of time to save money, sounds like a good proposition to many people.